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About Under MY Roof Magazine 

Are you in retirement and are currently looking for a way to improve your life and your home? Have you heard about the different options available to retirees for additional sources of income after retirement and would like to know what they are and how they can help you? Do you need advice and guidance to ensure that you are making the right decision? Then you have come to the right place.

Since its launch, Under MY Roof Magazine has informed and educated millions of people who are in their retirement about the different options that are available to improve the quality of their homes as well as their lives. Our mission is to provide you with as much information as you need so that you can decide what the right option is for you.

We cover all the different options available to you in retirement. Our dedicate team of journalist is here to explain the most complicated financial options to you, using everyday language to make them easy for you to understand. We help you to stay in touch with the latest news pertaining to your financial stability during retirement with the objective of helping you to make the best informed decisions. You can rely on us for brining articles and features that are easy and enjoyable to read. 

Get information and advice on:

Equity Release Plans

Equity release plans are special plans available to homeowners who are in retirement and require additional source of income. They can get this income by releasing tax free cash from their home. 

Remortgage Plans

Remortgage plans is basically the process of transferring a mortgage from one lender to another by paying off the first mortgage with proceeds from the new mortgage.

Home Improvement

As you get older, you may be required to make certain changes or additions to your home to accommodate the demands of your physical condition. You may not have the funds available for home improvements. Let your house provide you with the money that you need to renovate or remodel it.

Home Reversion

A home reversion plan is a form of equity release which allows you to sell your home or a part of it for a lump sum cash amount or a monthly cash amount while retaining the right to continue living in your property until you and your spouse decides to move into long term care.

Improving your life

The plans available after retirement are generally lifetime plans and are repaid only after the death of the home owner or when the home owner moves into long term care. This allows you to enjoy their benefits for the rest of your life. You can use the information that we provide you with to make better decisions. If you choose to release equity from your home, you will have an additional source of income that is tax free. You can use this money to:

Meet your daily needs Pay for a holiday or even go on a cruise
Purchase a new car Make improvements to your home
Pay for the education of your grandchildren Meet the daily needs of your loved ones
Repay any mortgage, loan or credit card debts that you may have  



We have made a difference in the lives of many and helped them make the best choices after retirement!

Martin N. Morris

A few months ago, my wife and I were advised to consider an equity release scheme. We were having some financial difficulties after our retirement. We did not know much about equity release until we found Under MY Roof Magazine. We now know all there is to know about equity release schemes.

Dale M. Haney

I am so thankful to Under MY Roof Magazine for the valuable information and advice that they gave to me regarding the interest only lifetime mortgage. I was not sure that it was the right option for me but they were able to let me see the benefits of this plan.

Theresa M. Wilson

My husband and I just returned from the best vacation ever! We toured the Caribbean! We want to thank Under MY Roof Magazine for their advice which let us to take a lifetime mortgage which supplied us with the money that we needed to go on vacation.