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Sell your house fast because of divorce

Difficult times, important decisions

Divorce might be one of the most difficult times of our lives. Even if we do it for the better, and as part of a process of personal liberation and advancement, it is still deeply emotionally shaking. It changes all, or almost all, aspects of our lives. The more engage we became with our spouse, for example doing businesses together or sharing activities, the more deeply a divorce or separation changes our lives. We must rearrange entire sections of our daily practices and reshape our future without our now ex spouse.

Such shaken times aren't the best for making important decisions, but that's exactly when we have to make them. Decisions regarding our properties, our work, our children and families, our projects and our personal economy. For this reason, it is so important to have proper guidance during all these events. The counsel of friends or family might be important, but not only are they not experts in legal or financial issues, but also they are likely to be biased at that point. A lawyer or professional counselor is your best option in these cases, and perhaps a psychological counselor wouldn't hurt, either.

Splitting property and debts

Anything that is worth money or has some other sort of monetary value is considered a property. This includes not only objects like furniture, appliances or cars, but also estate, bank accounts, stock, pension plans, some life insurance policies, business investments and others of the like. All properties acquired by one or both spouses during their legal marriage legally belong to both of them in equal shares unless stated otherwise by a legal agreement. This also applies to debt.

After divorce, property must be splitted between the two ex spouses. While they both have the right to request at least half of their property for themselves, this is not mandatory by the law. The ex spouses may agree to a different settlement, and it will be valid as long as it is signed in court. For this reason, you should get a lawyer to advice you on Property and Debt in a Divorce or Legal Separation, to make sure you are aware of your rights and options as well as your liabilities.

In order to split the property evenly - or in any proportion you have agreed - it might be sold or exchanged for money, either to a third party or between the ex spouses. In this case, no loss or gain should be recorded, since A property transfer is incident to your divorce if the transfer Is related to the end of marriage. The purpose of the sale is merely to divide the property's value between the ex spouses according to settlement.

Sell your house fast

If you are going through a divorce, it is understandable that you would like to sell your house as quick as possible. There are many reasons for this. Selling it for cash will make it easier to split the value between you and your ex spouse. Also, especially if you don't need a big property because you don't have kids living in or a large family, your old family house will no longer suit you. There will be memories there, memories of a happy love that might be gone - or broken - and projects that perhaps never came to be. Such a property can become an emotional burden, and it is understandable that after a divorce you want to get rid of it and start over again in a new place. Holding on to the property or placing it in the market and waiting for it to sell might mean for you to drag around something you don't want to have anymore.

There are options for selling a house fast, in a matter of days, weeks at most. Estate investors offer to pay a fraction of the market price in exchange for a quick sale. This might be a good option for you if you care more about getting rid of the property and moving on than about those thousands of pounts you might lose in the process.

You have to be cautious about which investor you choose, because in some cases these buyers take advantage of desperate people who need to sell their property right away because of emotional or financial trouble, and use methods such as hidden fees, undisclosed terms and exclusivity clauses. However, if you find a white hat, reliable investor, then the solution to your problem regarding your property might be right on your reach. 

So shop around a bit and compare quotations, always beign very clear about your terms, asking for full disclosure and doubting a bit about great looking deals and any investor you feel is pressuring you to sign anything.


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